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How To Make A Cheeseboard for Brunch

No brunch board is complete without some of your fave breakfast pastries. For this board, we have some artisan breads from The Daily Knead.

What’s brunch without bacon? It pairs well with cheese! Our fave is from Berry’s Deli. Also pre-slice what you can.

Place cheeses around the board first. Choose creamier, milder cheeses like Gouda, Manchego and Cheddar for brunch. Use different slicing techniques for cheeses- cubes, batonette or triangles. For triangle cheeses, just lay side or side or alternate them standing up.

Alternate meats and cheese and put space in between them for fillers. You can fold hams like mortadella into triangle cones.

You can display Jam bottles in the middle of the board. Leave space in the middle for main fillers like fruits and nuts.

Add main fillers in the middle. You can also opt for fresh fruits!

Place breads around the board. You can add other fillers like chocolate. Enjoy!