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Penne Al Telefono Pasta Kit.

Penne Al Telefono Pasta Kit.

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Make your new signature dish. This creamy mozzarella tomato-based pasta has curled stringy strands of mozzarella like a telephone cord, hence its name. This recipe makes sure you get that stringy cheesy goodness up a notch. Perfect to pair with steaks, salmon, and other meats. 

We have to kits containing the following ingredients:

    Served 4 to 6 pax:

    • Donna Chiara Penne Rigate 500g
    • Mozzarella Buffalo Fresca 300g
    • Merysa or La Corvinia Tomatoes whole peeled 800g (or 2 400g) 
    • Italian Parmesan 150g 

    Our kit includes traditional, natural Italian pasta made of durum wheat, fresh Buffalo premium mozzarella, juicy Italian tomatoes, and Italian parmesan. We'll send you a recipe when you order.  Nail your first time with the recipe using premium, authentic Italian ingredients. Bring Italy home.