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Mozzarella Fresca Valfiorita (Buffalo/Fresca) 100g| Bayernland

Mozzarella Fresca Valfiorita (Buffalo/Fresca) 100g| Bayernland

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Made from Buffalo's milk, it is creamier and spongier than regular mozzarella. It adds more flavor to your pastas, sandwiches, and definitely a staple on your pizza. Use for any pizza, lasagna, and your caprese salad.

Brand: Bayernland

Milk source: Cow

Country of Origin: Italy
Texture: Fresh, semi soft
Color: White
Age: None
Storage: Store in the refrigerator, to be consumed within 1 week of delivery. Once opened should be eaten soon as possible.
Substitues: Fresh mozzarella is unique and difficult to substitute. When cooking, however,
a lower moisture mozzarella such as mozzarella for pizza, or another mild melting cheese
such as provolone are options, but their flavors will not be identical.

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