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Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo Disossato) DOP 80g/150g/250g

Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo Disossato) DOP 80g/150g/250g

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Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo Disossato) 

Dry cured aged ham for at least 12 months! This lean meat with fat around the edge is mild, delicate, with a fragrant aroma and is best eaten alone with bread, with fruits like Melon, and cheeses like Mozzarella. 

Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo Disossato)  DOP -  80g, 150g and 250g 

 DOP. Denominazione d'Origine Protetta | Protected Designation of Origin. 

Brand: Clai

Origin: Italy 

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