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Guanciale 100g/250g  (Al Pepe)

Guanciale 100g/250g (Al Pepe)

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Guanciale's flavor is so unique and pronounced, and its meat very fatty, that both the fat and meat add makes the dish richer and more flavorful. It adds more depth to your Italian carbonara and Amatriciana by bringing its salty, buttery, meaty flavors to the dish. 

Guanciale is a cured meat cold cut prepared from pork jowl or check (“guancia” in Italian) with one or two cross veins of lean meat. It’s different from Pancetta, which comes from the pig’s belly. It’s aged at least 3 months after being lightly rubbed with salt and covered with ground black pepper. It has a harder consistency than pancetta and a more distinctive flavor.

Brand: Al Pepe

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