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A Sparkling Congratulations Cheeseboard

A Sparkling Congratulations Cheeseboard

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This Sparkling Wine Pairing Cheeseboard is the perfect way to send your love to friends and family who are celebrating milestones in their lives, whether it's an anniversary, a promotion or a new business, a new house and other reasons you want to send a big, sparkling congratulations to them. It includes the following in vaccum sealed packs:

  • 100g Brie
  • 100g Manchego
  • 100g Smoked Gouda/ Gouda
  • 100g Proscuitto Crudo (Parma Ham)
  • 100g Mortadella Ham

Option to add sparkling wines:

  • 750ml Fragolino Rosso
  • 750 ml Lambrusco Bianco

The cheeses are on the creamier, milder side and will balance the wines perfectly, without overpowering them. The Brie especially adds a palate cleansing effect to your fizzy sparkling bottle or Fragolino Rosso or Lambrusco. Give them the gift of making their own cheeseboard experience!